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Luca Boggioni, Lorenzo Monti, Sergio Terranova, Filippo Costa, Simone Genovesi and Giuliano Manara: "Low-Cost Portable Reader for Frequency Domain Chipless Tags: Architecture and Experimental Results on Depolarizing Tags"

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Published in MDPI Electronics as part of the Special Issue RFID, WPT and Energy Harvesting

In this paper, a low-cost chipless reader for detecting depolarizing tags is described. The reader operates in the frequency band (2–2.5) GHz, and it is compact and integrated in a single board. The reader architecture and its transmitting and receiving antennas are presented. Reader antennas comprise of two orthogonally placed, E-shaped patches with a decoupling below −35 dB. The reader performance is evaluated on a four-bit tag formed by four obliquely placed dipoles on top of a metallic ground plane.