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B. Angelucci, R. Fantechi, G. Lamanna, E. Pedreschi, R. Piandani, J. Pinzino, M. Sozzi, F. Spinella, S. Venditti: "The FPGA based Trigger and Data Acquisition system for the CERN NA62 experiment", Published in JINST 9:C01055, Jan. 2014

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The main goal of the NA62 experiment at CERN is to measure the branching ratio of the ultra-rare [ K+ -> (pi+) (nu)( nu neg)]  decay , collecting about 100 events to test the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Readout uniformity of sub-detectors, scalability, efficient online selection and lossless high rate readout are key issues. The TDCB and TEL62 boards are the common blocks of the NA62 TDAQ system. TDCBs measure hit times from sub-detectors, the TEL62s process and store them in a buffer, extracting only those requested by the trigger system following the matching of trigger primitives produced inside TEL62s themselves. During the NA62 Techinical Run at the end of 2012 the TALk board has been used as prototype version of the L0 Trigger Processor.

"Keywords: {Trigger concepts and systems (hardware and software); Data acquisition circuits; Data acquisition concepts; Digital electronic circuits}"