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C. Andreoni, G. Orsi, C. De Maria, F. Montemurro, G. Vozzi: "In-silico model of cell metabolism in dynamic cell culture system”, TERMIS-EU 2014 Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, vol. 8, Issue Supplements1, pp. 487-488, June 201

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A normal metabolic profile is afforded by homeostatic mechanisms and molecular signaling trough which different tissues communicate. To gain insight into these complex systems may have a great significance to quality of health studies. In recent years, many computer studies and models have been developed to simulate cell biochemical behavior, referring to this approach with the term “in-silico biology”. A simplified in-vitro model of the visceral region energetic metabolism considers only three elements: hepatic, adipose and endothelial tissues. Our group has developed a corresponding computational multi-scale model, relating on-line metabolic pathways databases to the system theory language. The aim was to reproduce the homeostatic balance observed for the in-vitro system as a functional integration of three different simulated metabolic profiles.