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P. Del Fiorentino, R. Andreotti, V. Lottici, F. Giannetti, J. Van Hecke, M. Moeneclaey: "Link Resource Adaptation for BIC­‐OFDM Systems with Outdated Channel State Information", European Wireless conference 2014, Barcelona, Spain.

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This paper addresses the link resource adaptation (LRA) problem for bit-interleaved coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems when the transmitter makes use of outdated channel state information (CSI). Differently from the capacity-based works recently appeared in the literature, our approach is to optimize the modulation format, coding rate and power distribution across the subcarriers by maximizing the system expected goodput (EGP). The main contributions basically rely on deriving a novel link performance prediction (LPP) method under outdated CSI, based on which an effective LRA strategy is developed. Simulation results corroborate the effectiveness of the proposed method, showing remarkable performance gains compared to the conventional approach which does not care of the outdated CSI.