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P. Manghi, M. Artini, C. Atzori, A. Bardi, A. Mannocci, S. La Bruzzo, L. Candela, D. Castelli, P. Pagano: “The D-NET Software Toolkit: A Framework for the Realization, Maintenance, and Operation of Aggregative Infrastructures”, Program vol. 48 (4), e

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Abstract - In the last decade, as a consequence of the multidisciplinary and data-driven character of modern science, researchers grew a strong demand for collecting, integrating and combining information ob­jects from multiple research-oriented data sources. The objective is to improve the way research results are shared, discovered, and re-used across community boundaries. Interoper­ability issues of data and technologies, scarcity of computational resources, and highly evolving requirements typically represent an obstacle to practition­ers constructing the “aggregative infrastructures” capable of performing such an integration. This paper presents the architectural principles and the services of the D-NET Software Toolkit, a framework where developers find the tools for constructing and operating aggregative infrastructures in a cost-effective way as instances of service-oriented data infrastructures. In D-NET developers can select from a variety of data management ser­vices, can configure them to handle data according to given data models, and can combine them into autonomic workflows to obtain personalized aggregative infrastructures.