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L. D. Sterpaio, A. Marino, P. Nannipieri and L. Fanucci, "Exploiting LabViewFpga Socketed CLIP to Design and Implement Soft-Core Based Complex Digital Architectures on PXI FPGA Target Boards," 2019 16th International Conference on Synthesis, Modeling

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PXI FPGA Peripheral Modules by National Instruments are meant to be used in LabView even without any previous knowledge of Hardware Description Languages (HDL) and let users to hardware-accelerate their own test and measurement setups. However, designers fluent in HDL languages avoid such closed technology targets due to impossibility to include third-party designs or the needed over-effort to implement large and complex architectures into it, such as soft-core based systems. In this paper a partially automated workflow to benefit of the PXI environment allowing advanced HDL engineers to implement complex architectures is presented with reference to two successful use-case examples.