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Design of a SpaceWire/SpaceFibre EGSE system based on PXI industry standard, Luca Dello Sterpaio, Pietro Nannipieri, Antonino Marino and Luca Fanucci. IEEE IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON Metrology for AeroSpace

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This paper introduces a comprehensive test equipment for early adopters of the new ECSS satellite on-board serial high-speed communication protocol, SpaceFibre, maintaining also retro-compatibility with its precursor, SpaceWire. The presented system is based on the PCI eXtension for Instrumentation (PXI) industry standard and designed with cutting edge high level synthesis techniques. It offers support in development of both SpaceWire and SpaceFibre devices, even in cross standard communication, for current and future generation spacecraft missions. Thanks to its native integration in the PXI platform, the proposed Electrical Ground Segment Equipment (EGSE) system is ready to be integrated out of the box in larger prior existing testing and simulation environment.