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L. Dello Sterpaio, A. Marino, P. Nannipieri, G. Dinelli, L. Fanucci, “AXI4LV: design and implementation of a full‑speed AMBA AXI4‑Burst interface for LabVIEW FPGA,” Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry Environment and Society (ApplePies), P

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Abstract - The Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture Advanced eXtensible Interface is a memory mapped protocol intended for internal System on Chip communications. However, there is no mean to directly exchange data between AXI devices and LabVIEW applications This work proposes a novel and streamlined bridge solution to transfer data directly and effectively from/to an AXI target memory and any LabVIEW FPGA application, essential to integrate AXI-based architectures into PXI FPGA peripheral modules. The block diagram of the proposed IP solution and synthesis results are presented for target programmable devices of interest.