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S. Terranova, F. Costa, S. Genovesi, G. Manara: "Detection of Chipless Tags Through Near Field Interrogation with Waveguide Antennas", IEEE RFID-TA 2019 September 25-27, 2019, Pisa, Italy

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A method for detecting radio frequency chipless RFID tags is presented. The tags are interrogated through an open waveguide from a very short distance in order to realize a quasi-guided system which does not need any calibration procedure. The application scenario is to place the tag inside a plastic or cardboard box and read it by placing the waveguide on the external side of the box in the same position of the tag. The tag is designed to be commensurate with the waveguide in order to guarantee the correct operativity of the quasi-guided reading system. A prototype of the tag has been fabricated and some measurements to assess positioning error have been carried out. 


Keywords: {chipless sensors, periodic surface}