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F. Saggese, M. Moretti and A. Abrardo, "A quasi-optimal clustering algorithm for MIMO-NOMA downlink systems," in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters

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In this paper we consider a resource allocation problem for multi-user MIMO non orthogonal multiple access (MU-MIMO-NOMA) downlink transmissions. Under the NOMA paradigm, users are organized in clusters of strong/weak pair and our aim is to find an optimal clustering, beamforming and power allocation scheme to minimize the power transmitted subject to a rate constraint for each user. Since the joint optimization problem is intractable, we split it in three sub-problems: clustering, which is formulated as a mixed integer linear programming (MILP) problem, beamforming and power allocation. Simulations results show that the our proposed scheme greatly outperforms both the classical OMA scheme and state-of-the-art NOMA techniques.

keywords: {NOMA;Array signal processing;Interference;Resource management;Receivers;Covariance matrices;Downlink;MIMO;non-orthogonal multiple access;clustering;weighted bipartite matching.},

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