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M.Basile, G.Dini: "A blockchain-based support to safeguarding the cultural heritage", In Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts (EVA), pp.64-71, Maggio 2019.

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Public administrations need digital archives that are typically maintained as centralized repositories or databases. This solution constitutes a security and trust single-point-of-failure. We have faced with these issues in the case of digitalization of the General Catalogue for Cultural Heritage which gives support to promotion and safeguard of the Italian national heritage. In this work we propose a blockchain-based architecture for that digital archive that guarantees security and availability in a decentralized, efficient and cost-effective way. Furthermore, the architecture gives the chance to restore the catalogue contents in a tamper-proof way.

"Keywords: {blockchain, Ethereum, digital archive, IPFS, cultural heritage, dapp}"