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Manfredini, G.; Catania, A.; Benvenuti, L.; Cicalini, M.; Piotto, M.; Bruschi, P.: "Ultra-Low-Voltage Inverter-Based Amplifier with Novel Common-Mode Stabilization Loop"

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This work presents a single-stage, inverter-based, pseudo-differential amplifier that can work with ultra-low supply voltages. A novel common-mode stabilization loop allows proper differential operations, without impacting over the output differential performance. Electrical simulations show the effectiveness of this amplifier for supply voltages in the range of 0.3–0.5 V. In particular, a dc voltage gain of 25.16 dB, a gain-bandwidth product of 131.9 kHz with a capacitive load of 10 pF, and a static current consumption of only 557 nA are estimated at VDD = 0.5 V. Moreover, the circuit behavior with respect to process and temperature variations was verified. Finally, the proposed amplifier is employed in a switched-capacitor integrator and in a sample-and-hold circuit to prove its functionality in case-study applications.

Keywords: ultra-low voltage; single-stage amplifier; inverter-based; pseudo-differential; common-mode stabilization; switched capacitor; energy harvesting