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F. Saggese, F. Giannetti, V. Lottici: "A Novel Approach to Rainfall Rate Estimation based on Fusing Measurements from Terrestrial Microwave and Satellite Links", URSI GASS 2020, August 2020

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Abstract: Reliable, cheap and accurate measurements of rainfall rate are growing to be more and more important in many sectors as: meteorology, agriculture, flood warning, and weather forecasting. Recently, indeed, the development of novel competitive techniques has been pushed in order to improve accuracy and reliability performance, such as commercial microwave links and broadcast satellite links. The aim of the current paper is to extend previous works of the literature based on land wireless links only. The basic idea consists in synergically employing both land and satellite based approaches together, by collecting and properly fusing the corresponding measurements. To this end, an iterative optimization procedure has been developed. As shown by numerical results, the proposed procedure gives the estimated rainfall map with a considerable accuracy and improved performance respect to the conventional algorithm based on terrestrial link only.