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L. Klinkenbusch, G. Manara, S. Terranova “ 3D Diffraction of a Complex Source Beam by a PEC Wedge”, EuCAP 2020 – 14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Copenhagen, Denmark, 15-20 March 2020

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The scattering and diffraction of a 3D Complex-Source Beam (CSB) by a wedge made from a perfect electric
conductor (PEC) is analyzed in this paper. The analytic solution is based on the corresponding scalar (acoustic) fields
where both soft and hard boundary conditions have to be considered at the wedge faces. In particular, a new spherical-
multipole solution is presented for an incident uniform CSB which consists of both diverging and converging parts. First
numerical results include the scattering and diffraction of a scalar 3D uniform CSB by both acoustically soft and hard