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Nannipieri, P., Bertolucci, M., Baldanzi, L., Crocetti, L., Di Matteo, S., Falaschi, F., Fanucci, L., and Saponara, S. (2020, November). "SHA2 and SHA-3 Accelerator Design in a 7nm Technology Within the European Processor Initiative". Microprocessors

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This paper proposes the architecture of the hash accelerator, developed in the framework of the European Processor Initiative. The proposed circuit supports all the SHA2 and SHA-3 operative modes and is to be one of the hardware cryptographic accelerators within the crypto-tile of the European Processor Initiative. The accelerator has been verified on a Stratix IV FPGA and then synthesised on the Artisan 7 nanometres TSMC silicon technology, obtaining throughputs higher than 50 Gbps for the SHA2 and 230 Gbps for the SHA-3, with complexity ranging from 15 to about 30 kGE and estimated power dissipation of about 13 (SHA2) to 26 (SHA-3) mW (supply voltage 0.75 V). The proposed design demonstrates absolute performances beyond the state-of-the-art and efficiency aligned with it. One of the main contributions is that this is the first SHA-2 SHA-3 accelerator synthesised on such advanced technology.

Keywords: SHA2, SHA-3, Hash, EPI (European Processor Initiative), Cryptography, ASIC, 7nm, FPGA verification, Keccak