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E. Giusti, A. Kumar, F. Mancuso, S. Ghio and M. Martorella, "Fully polarimetric multi-aspect 3D InISAR," 2022 23rd International Radar Symposium (IRS), 2022, pp. 184-189.

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This article proposes a fully polarimetric 3D InISAR algorithm. The use of radar polarimetry is proposed in this paper to increase the performance of the 3D InISAR algorithm. Polarimetry is used both to improve the scatterer extraction algorithm and to improve the estimation of the interferometric phases of the scatterers. The number of scatterers extracted depends on the spatial resolutions, the appearance of the target and the acquisition geometry. This number is typically low and results in an underpopulated 3D reconstruction that may not provide enough information to classify / recognize the target. Either polarimetry and multi-aspect 3D reconstruction are used to mitigate this issue. Results will be provided using either simulated data and the multi-aspect and fully polarimetric turntable dataset of the T72 tank, publicly available at SDMS-AFRL website.

Keywords: Polarimetry ISAR, 3-D imaging, Multi-aspect

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