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P. Zola, G. Cola, M. Mazza and M. Tesconi, "Interaction Strength Analysis to Model Retweet Cascade Graphs", Applied Sciences, vol. 10, no. 23, p. 8394, 2020

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Tracking information diffusion is a non-trivial task and it has been widely studied across different domains and platforms. The advent of social media has led to even more challenges, given the higher speed of information propagation and the growing impact of social bots and anomalous accounts. Nevertheless, it is crucial to derive a trustworthy information diffusion graph that is capable of highlighting the importance of specific nodes in spreading the original message. The paper introduces the interaction strength, a novel metric to model retweet cascade graphs by exploring users’ interactions. Initial findings showed the soundness of the approaches based on this new metric with respect to the state-of-the-art model, and its ability to generate a denser graph, revealing crucial nodes that participated in the retweet propagation. Reliable retweet graph generation will enable a better understanding of the diffusion path of a specific tweet.

Keywords: social media; network analysis; interaction strength; retweet graph; retweet cascade

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