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Di Rienzo, R., Verani, A., Baronti, F., Roncella, R., Saletti, R. Modular Battery Emulator for Devel-opment and Functional Testing of Battery Management Systems: The Cell Emulator. Electronics 2022, 11, 1215

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Battery Management Systems are fundamental components of the present battery generation. The development and characterization phases of a BMS often require an emulator of the battery cells with which the Battery Management System functions can be assessed with no safety risks as it would instead happen using a real battery. This work describes the design and characterization of a modular cell emulator circuit to be used as platform for the Hardware-in-the-loop test of a Battery Management System. The design constraints and choices are first described. Then, the experimental characterization of the cell emulator is shown and discussed. The proposed circuit shows a voltage resolution of 76 μV, an accuracy of 2.17 mV, and a setting time of 340 μs. Its cost is around 40 USD. The circuit results to be a very good trade-off between performance and cost. The Project is available to the scientific community as open hardware platform freely downloadable. It could be useful to small-size laboratories to self-produce a low-cost battery emulator with good performance for the development and the functional test of custom Battery Management Systems.

Keywords: Battery Management System, battery cell emulator, hardware in the loop, open hardware platform, BMS characterization