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Simonte, G., Di Rienzo, R., Biagioni, I., Baronti, F., Roncella, R., & Saletti, R. (2021, September). Novel setup to extend the temperature characterization range of a sodium-metal halide battery. In International Conference on Applications in Electr

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Sodium-Metal Halide Batteries might be a good candidate to compete with Lithium-ion batteries for stationary applications. However, their characteristics cannot be fully exploited by the Battery Management System if an accurate battery model to be used in the control algorithms is lacking. Electrical battery models trade off simplicity and accuracy, but they are not yet able to reproduce the Sodium-Metal Halide battery behavior in every conditions. This work presents a novel experimental setup to characterize a commercial Sodium-Metal Halide Battery in extended temperature range. The battery was deprived of its embedded Battery Management System that was replaced with a custom one to freely control the temperature. Finally, the preliminary results of characterization tests on extended temperature range are described and analyzed. © 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG.

Keywords: Salt batterySodium metal halide batteryTemperature experimental setupZebra battery