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Simonte, G., Di Rienzo, R., Baronti, F., Roncella, R., & Saletti, R. (2022, Septem- ber). Improvement of Sodium-Metal Halide Battery Electrical Equivalent Model Including Temperature Dependency. In International Conference on Applica- tions in Electr

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Sodium-Metal Halide Batteries are a very promising alternative to the Lithium-ion ones for stationary applications, but their chemical complexity requires an accurate battery model to optimize their use. The electrical equivalent model of the battery is ordinarily used to this aim. The temperature dependency of the model parameters is studied in this work. Three characterization tests are carried-out at 270, 300, and 330C and analyzed to identify the model parameters. The parameters obtained are then compared with the literature showing that introducing in the model the temperature dependency can improve the accuracy of about six times.

Keywords: Battery Management SystemElectrical modelSodium Metal Halide batteryTemperature