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N. Corsinovi, R. Ciardi, E. Pagani, M. Bertolucci and L. Fanucci, "Adaptive Equalization as Method for Satellite Communication Channel Characterization" IEEE 10th International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace, Milan, Italy, Jul. 2023, pp. 580-584

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During the last few years, the resolution increase of satellite on-board sensors has required to process collected massive data volume faster. To do so, the development of very-high throughput communication systems, particularly by adopting higher signal bandwidth and wider carrier frequencies, has been essential. As a consequence, in the satellite communication scenario, the impact of linear distortions on the link budget has become relevant and therefore needs to be quantified. This paper describes a method based on the employment of a linear adaptive equalization system, which is capable to estimate the nature of the communication link, and to measure the extent of channel linear distortions. At first, an introduction to the main characteristics of modern satellite channels is given, focusing on the disturbing sources that occur during the data transmission. Then, the equalizer is described, specifically, providing an overview of the adaptability feature, which allows monitoring and measuring the extent of linear impairments. Finally, results concerning the estimation capability of the equalizer are reported.
Keywords: {Estimate, Measurement, Monitoring, Channel, Impairments, Distortions, Linear, Adaptive, Satellite, Space}
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