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M. Monopoli, L. Zulberti, G. Todaro, P. Nannipieri and L. Fanucci, "Exploiting FPGA Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration for a Soft GPU-based System-on-Chip," 2023 18th PRIME Conference, Valencia, Spain, 2023, pp. 181-184

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For many years, General Purpose Computing on Graphic Processing Units has been widely exploited in different fields of application. The hardware architectures enabling this kind of computation are increasingly complex, and their use for on-the-edge applications is often constrained by the limited resources that characterise the systems involved. As such, implementing Graphic Processing Units as soft architectures on Field Programmable Gate Arrays could permit to tune their size, performance and resource usage accordingly to the application requirements. Exploiting the so-called Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration technology can allow specialisation of part of the system architecture, creating heterogeneous computing systems with better resource utilisation and lower power consumption. In this work, we describe the implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays of a System-on-Chip featuring a soft-Graphic Processing Unit, whose size and performance have been tuned by means of Partial Reconfiguration. Considering the Sobel Filter as a reference kernel, we discuss some results for reconfiguration time and throughput. Furthermore, we identify the minimum task sizes for which initiating the reconfiguration process gives an advantage in terms of execution time.

Keywords: Partial Reconfiguration, soft-Graphic Processing Unit, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, System-on-Chip, reconfiguration time