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E. Fontana, M. Rossero, G. Grioli, M. G. Catalano, M. Bianchi, A. Bicchi: "A Test-bench to Investigate the Use of Magnetic Fields for Haptic Feedback in Prosthetics", I-RIM 3D Conference, 2023

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This abstract delves into the pivotal role of feedback in prosthetic devices and aims to investigate the validity of a novel approach based on magnetic interaction between appropriately powered solenoids and a magnet. Through controlled solenoid currents, the magnet exhibits movement along various directions, demonstrating the feasibility of utilizing this technique for providing feedback in prosthetic applications. The results highlight the potential of magnetic feedback as a promising avenue to enhance user experience and functionality in the field of prosthetics.

Keywords: Feedback, Magnetic Field, Prosthetic Systems

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