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F. Cuccoli, A. Lupidi, P. Bernabò, E. Barcaroli, L. Facheris, and L. Baldini - Exploiting dual-polarization technique in weather radar for civil aircrafts to mitigate risk in adverse conditions, URSI-AT RASC, 2015

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Airborne Dual-polarization weather radars can provide the pilot with a lot of information about the meteorological situation the aircraft is going to meet. Dealing with more information yields increased workload for the pilot. Automatic systems can decrease pilot’s stress. We present a system able to extract information from Dual-polarization radars and to provide the pilot with simple and clear awareness about external situation. The system is based on an advanced version of radar signal processing and is mainly an efficient implementation of a commercial electronic flying bag (Class2 and Class 3 EFB) with algorithms for weather classification,  hazard evaluation and trajectory optimization to be presented to the pilot through an efficient graphical user interface. The system is validated using complex scenario simulators, and soon ,by on-field measurements.