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Olivelli M., Donati M., Vianello A., Masi S., Alessio B. and Fanucci L. "An Intelligent System for Telemonitoring Plan Decision and Update in Covid-19 Patients"

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Abstract: In recent years, the emergence of the novel COVID-19 has presented a significant challenge as a highly contagious and devastating viral disease. It has become a public health emergency, placing immense strain on healthcare systems. Monitoring vital signs and observing symptoms are essential for identifying and treating clinical deterioration. Proactive remote monitoring of patients in outpatient settings, using telemedicine solutions, allows for timely detection and intervention. However, healthcare providers remain in charge of managing the entire monitoring process, leading to an increased workload. To address this issue and ensure personalized and timely care for patients, this paper suggests an Expert System that recommends and adjusts home monitoring plans based on the patient’s initial medical history and disease progression. This solution, in combination with a telemonitoring system, facilitates the identification of optimal monitoring plans for patients experiencing rapid deterioration, enabling early intervention, and averting unfavorable outcomes.

Keywords: Expert system, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, telemonitoring, remote monitoring, monitoring plan update, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2

DOI: 10.1109/ADACIS59737.2023.10424241