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Olivelli, M.; Donati, M.; Vianello, A.; Petrucci, I.; Masi, S.; Bechini, A.; Fanucci, L. - "Enhancing Precision of Telemonitoring of COVID-19 Patients through Expert System Based on IoT Data Elaboration"

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Abstract: The emergence of the highly contagious coronavirus disease has led to multiple pandemic waves, resulting in a significant number of hospitalizations and fatalities. Even outside of hospitals, general practitioners have faced serious challenges, stretching their resources and putting themselves at risk of infection. Telemonitoring systems based on Internet of things technology have emerged as valuable tools for remotely monitoring disease progression, facilitating rapid intervention, and reducing the risk of hospitalization and mortality. They allow for personalized monitoring strategies and tailored treatment plans, which are crucial for improving health outcomes. However, determining the appropriate monitoring intensity remains the responsibility of physicians, which poses challenges and impacts their workload, and thus, can hinder timely responses. To address these challenges, this paper proposes an expert system designed to recommend and adjust the monitoring intensity for COVID-19 patients receiving home treatment based on their medical history, vital signs, and reported symptoms. The system underwent initial validation using real-world cases, demonstrating a favorable performance (F1-score of 0.85). Subsequently, once integrated with an Internet of Things telemonitoring system, a clinical trial will assess the system’s reliability in creating telemonitoring plans comparable with those of medics, evaluate its effectiveness in reducing medic–patient interactions or hospitalizations, and gauge patient satisfaction and safety.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; expert system; Internet of things (IoT); internet of medical things (IoMT); telemonitoring; COVID-19; telemedicine