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Andrea Esuli, Tiziano Fagni: “Processfast, a java framework for development of concurrent and distributed applications”, Proceedings of the 6th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Cagliari, Italy, May 25-26, 2015

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Today, any application that requires processing information gathered from the Web will likely require a parallel processing approach to be able to scale. While writing such applications, the developer should be able to exploit several types of parallelism paradigms in a natural way. Most of the available development tools are focused on just one of these parallelism types, e.g. the data parallelism, stream processing, etc. In this paper, we introduce ProcessFast, a Java framework for the development of concurrent/distributed applications, designed to allow the developer to integrate both stream/task parallelism and data parallelism in the same application and to seamlessly combine solutions to sub-problems where each solution exploits a specific programming model.