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M. Bianchi, N. Carbonaro, E. Battaglia, F. Lorussi, A. Bicchi, D. De Rossi, A. Tognetti: "Exploiting hand kinematic synergies and wearable under-sensing for hand functional grasp recognition," Mobihealth 2014, pp.168-171

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Wearable sensing represents an effective manner to correctly recognize hand functional grasps. The need of wearability is strictly related to the minimization of the number of sensors, in order to avoid cumbersome and hence obtrusive systems. In this paper we present a wearable glove, which is able to provide accurate measurements from three joint angles. These measurements are then completed to reconstruct the whole hand posture, by exploiting a priori synergistic information on how human commonly shape their hands in grasping tasks. Results, although preliminary, show the effectiveness of the here described devices and methods and encourage to further investigate this kind of approach.

keywords: {biomedical equipment;biomedical measurement;bone;kinematics;sensors;hand functional grasp recognition;hand kinematic synergies;joint angles;priori synergistic information;wearable glove;wearable under-sensing;whole hand posture;Biomedical monitoring;Covariance matrices;Goniometers;Joints;Kinematics;Robot sensing systems;grasp recogniction;hand kinematic synergies;wearable sensing}