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G. Ciavarrini, F. Marcelloni, A. Vecchio: "Improving Wi-Fi based localization using external constraints" Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST), 2015 Ninth International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.

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Wi-Fi based localization enables detection of users’ position in indoor spaces by means of wireless networking infrastructure. The positive aspects of this solution include the reuse of already deployed systems and thus its reduced costs. On the negative side, Wi-Fi based localization is not particularly accurate, because the common operating conditions are far from the ideal ones. We propose to use external constraints for improving the accuracy of Wi-Fi based localization. A seof known schedules is used to restrict the estimated positioof the user to a single room. The schedule for a given user is automatically selected from a set of possible ones by observing
user’s movements with coarse-grained resolution. 
KeywordsIndoor localization, Wi-Fi, smartphone