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S.Gelli, A.Bacci, M.Martorella, F.Berizzi: "Space-Doppler Processing with adaptive compensation for bistatic multichannel ISAR imaging of non-cooperative targets", European Radar Conference (EuRAD), September 2015, Paris.

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Moving targets appear defocused within SAR images and their detection is a challenging especially in the case of targets embedded in strong clutter. Moreover, in bistatic geometries, the clutter echo returns are range dependent. This situation degrades significantly STAP performance. In this paper, an adaptive compensation to homogenize data is performed first. This operation allow the proposed Space Doppler Adaptive Processing to be used to suppress bistatic ground clutter improving detection capabilities. Then, ISAR technique is used to obtain well focused images of extended non-cooperative moving targets. Two principal issues will be addressed. First combination of bistatic adaptive clutter suppression in the space-Doppler domain and ISAR technique is presented. Then a suboptimal approach is proposed to overcome computational issue. Result using simulated data are shown.