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G. Ciavarrini, V. Luconi, L. Lenzini, A. Vecchio: "Supporting the development of network-aware reactive applications on smartphones." Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST), 2014 Eighth International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.

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In the last years, research about context-aware systems has been particularly intense. Nevertheless, most of the proposed approaches and systems failed to flow from research to industry. In this paper we propose ANARC, a library that eases the development of network-aware applications for smartphones. ANARC does not try to cope with all the possible meanings and variations of context, it instead focuses on a specific restriction: the network and associated properties. ANARC adopts a rule- and trigger-based approach: when the network context matches the one described in a rule, the corresponding notification is sent to the application level. Examples of use of the proposed library -- for mapping network coverage, detecting roaming regions of mobile operators, and monitoring WiFi access points -- are included to demonstrate the benefits of the proposed approach.