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B. Allotta, A. Caiti, R. Costanzi, F. Di Corato, D. Fenucci, N. Monni, L. Pugi, A. Ridolfi: “Cooperative Localization of AUVs Via Acoustic Communication Networking
- Field experience with the Typhoon vehicles”, Autonomous Robots SI

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A cooperative localization procedure for a team of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) is described and experimentally evaluated. The procedure relies on acoustic communication networking among the AUVs and/or fixed acoustic nodes, and it is suitable as a low-cost solution for team navigation. Embedding the acoustic localization measurements in the communica- tion scheme causes delays and sometime loss of acoustic data, depending on acoustic propagation conditions; de- spite this drawback, the experimental results obtained show that on-board localization estimates have an esti- mated error of the order of few meters. 

Keywords:{AUV; Cooperation; Localization; Navigation}