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A.Bacci, M.Martorella, D.A.Gray, S.Gelli, F.Berizzi: "Virtual Multichannel SAR for Ground Moving Targets Imaging", IET, Radar Sonar Navigation, 2015, RSN-SI-2015-0128.R1

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Slow moving ground targets are invisible within SAR images since they appear defocused and their backscattered signal completely overlap the focused ground return. In order for this targets to be detected and refocused the availability of some spatial degrees of freedom is required. This allows for  space/slow time processing to be applied to mitigate the ground clutter. However, Multichannel SAR (M-SAR) systems are very expensive and the requirements in terms of baseline length can be very restrictive. In this paper a processing scheme that exploits high PRF single channel SAR system to emulate a multichannel SAR is presented. The signal model for both target and clutter components are presented and the difference with respect to an actual M-SAR are highlighted. The effectiveness of the proposed processing is then demonstrated on simulated a measured dataset.