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E. Pedreschi et Al.: “The TEL62: a Real-time Board for the NA62 Trigger and Data Acquisition. Data Flow and Firmware Design”, Real Time Conference (RT), 2014 19th IEEE_NPSS, May 2015

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 The main goal of the NA62 experiment at CERN SPS
is to measure the branching ratio of the ultra-rare
decay, collecting about 100 events in two years of data taking to
test the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Readout uniformity
of sub-detectors, scalability, efficient online selection and lossless
high rate readout are key issues. The TEL62 boards are the
common blocks of the NA62 Trigger and Data AcQuisition
(TDAQ) system. TEL62s process and store hits coming from the
subdetectors in a buffer according to their timestamp, extracting
only those requested by the trigger system, which merges trigger
primitives also produced by TEL62s.
The complete dataflow and firmware organization are

"Keywords: {Data acquisition, field-programmable gate array,trigger circuits}"