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B. Carnevale, F. Falaschi, L. Crocetti, H. Hunjan, S. Bisase, L. Fanucci: "An Implementation of the 802.1AE MAC Security Standard for In-Car Networks" accepted at 2015 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) - Automotive IoT Workshop

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The continuous increase in complexity in automotive electronics has led to cars that include up to 80 Electronic Control Units (ECUs). As a consequence, in-car networks are currently up to their limit in terms of data load, flexibility and bandwidth. The Ethernet backbone is thus considered as the best performing solution. On the other hand, the growing interconnection of cars with the external world requires high security standards in order to prevent safety risks for car passengers. The IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security Standard (MACSec) solves the security issues of Ethernet networks by providing confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data. This paper presents an efficient hardware implementation of the MACSec standard for the automotive world. The system was synthesized on a Stratix V FPGA and on a 28nm standard-cell CMOS technology. In terms of maximum throughput, the FPGA results in 1.1 Gbps while the standard-cell technology reaches 3.9 Gbps. The FPGA implementation occupies 4.5% of the Adaptive Logic Modules (ALMs) while the standard-cell one gives a 285 kgate size. The proposed architecture represents a suitable implementation for a low area and high-performance solution as usually required by in-car network controllers.