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A. Virdis, G. Stea, G. Nardini, "Simulating LTE/LTE-Advanced Networks with SimuLTE", in: Obaidat, M.S., Kacprzyk, J., Ören, T., Filipe, J., (eds.) "Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications", Springer, 2016

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In this work we present SimuLTE, an OMNeT++-based simulator for LTE and LTE-Advanced networks. Following well-established OMNeT++ programming practices, SimuLTE exhibits a fully modular structure, which makes it easy to be extended, verified, and integrated. Moreover, it inherits all the benefits of such a widely used and versatile simulation framework as OMNeT++, i.e., experiment support and seamless integration with the OMNeT++ network modules, such as INET. This allows SimuLTE users to build up mixed scenarios where LTE is only a part of a wider network. This paper describes the architecture of SimuLTE, with particular emphasis on the modeling choices at the MAC layer, where resource scheduling is located. Furthermore, we describe some of the verification and validation efforts and present an example of the performance analysis that can be carried out with SimuLTE.

Keyword: {LTE-Advanced, device-to-device, resource allocation, optimization}