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N. Iardella, G. Nardini, G. Stea, A. Virdis, F. Mauro, D. Sabella, M. Caretti, G.M. Dell'Aera, "Coordinated scheduling in a Virtual-RAN prototype with OpenAirInterface", EUCNC 2016, Athens, 27-30 June 2016

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The virtualized Radio Access Network (V-RAN) is a key technology for 5G networks. In this paper we present a live prototype of Virtual RAN implementing a Coordinated Scheduling algorithm enforced by a centralized coordinator. The 5G proof of concept, devised to improve the usage of radio resource and efficiency, is realized by exploiting open-source software to fully virtualize the LTE eNodeBs, and accommodates commercial terminals. We implemented two coordination algorithms: a simple static one for testing purposes, and a dynamic one appeared in [1]. Preliminary results show that coordination actually isolates the eNodeBs, reducing inter-cell interference. 

Keywords: {5G, OpenAirInterface, CoMP, Coordinated Scheduling, Prototype}