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Daniele Davalle, Alessandro Leoni, Luca dello Sterpaio, Luca Fannuci, "Design and implementation of test equipment for SpaceFibre links", Yokohama, Japan, December 2016

SpaceFibre is the upcoming European standard for on-board high-speed communications. The need for data-rate beyond 1 Gb/s is already present in space missions, and it is currently fulfilled by non-standard approaches based on Serialiser/Deserialiser components…
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Alessandro Leoni, Felix Siegle, "SpaceFibre Transaction Layer", ESTEC, ESA, Noordwijk, Netherlands, September 19, 2017

The presentation analyzes the currently missing features in SpaceFibre, with a special focus about the fulfillment of the OSRA requirements. Some possible solutions are proposed (Time-slot guardian, Wormhole timeout), supported by simulation results. 
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Alessandro Leoni, Daniele Davalle, Luca Fanucci, "ARM-based embedded system for SpaceFibre Link Analyzer", Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany, March 2017

In this paper, a unique test equipment for SpaceFibre links is presented. The test equipment is realized as an ARM-based embedded architecture. It comprises two SpaceFibre interfaces, two SpaceWire interfaces and both a Gigabit Ethernet…
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Della Santina, C., Bianchi, M., Grioli, G., Angelini, F., Catalano, M., Garabini, M., & Bicchi, A. (2017). Controlling Soft Robots. IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine.

Soft robots (SRs) represent one of the most significant recent evolutions in robotics. Designed to embody safe and natural behaviors, they rely on compliant physical structures purposefully designed to embody desirable and sometimes variable impedance…
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A FE tool to simulate a trans-catheter anchorbased system for mitral valve regurgitation. E. Gasparotti , E. Vignali , K. Capellini , G. Vivoli , A.G. Cerillo , V. Positano , S. Berti , L. Landini ,S. Celi. ESB-ITA Congress 2017

Mitral Regurgitation (MR) is an alteration of normal mitral valve (MV) function that leads to mitral insufficiency. Undersized Mitral Annuloplasty (MA) is the preferred surgical treatment for chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation. However, the preferred shape…
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