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High Performance Embedded System for Real-Time Pattern Matching
Abstract In this paper we present an innovative and high performance embedded system for real-time pattern matching. This system is based on the evolution of hardware and algorithms developed for the field of High Energy Physics and more specifically...
Highly Parallelized Pattern Matching Hardware for Fast Tracking at Hadron Colliders
Abstract A high-performance "pattern matching" implementation based on the Associative Memory (AM) system is presented. It is designed to solve the real-time hit-to-track association problem for particles produced in high-energy physics experiments at...
Design of a hardware track finder (Fast Tracker) for the ATLAS trigger
Abstract The use of tracking information at the trigger level in the LHC Run II period is crucial for the trigger and data acquisition system and will be even more so as contemporary collisions that occur at every bunch crossing will increase in Run...
A XOR-based associative memory block in 28 nm CMOS for interdisciplinary applications
Abstract In this paper we describe a Content Addressable Memory architecture designed in 28 nm CMOS technology and based on the 65 nm XORAM cell previously developed. The cell is composed by two main blocks: a 6T SRAM, and a 4T XOR logic gate. Each...
A pattern recognition mezzanine based on associative memory and FPGA technology for L1 track triggering at HL-LHC
The increase of luminosity at HL-LHC will require the introduction of tracker information at Level-1 trigger system for the experiments to maintain an acceptable trigger rate to select interesting events despite the one order of magnitude increase in...
Saverio Citraro, Ricardo Cipriani, Simone Donati, Paola Giannetti, Agostino Lanza, Pierluigi Luciano, Daniel Magalotti, Marco Piendibene: "The Associative Memory system for the FTK processor at ATLAS", PoS - Proceedings of Science
Experiments at the LHC hadron collider search for extremely rare processes hidden in much larger background levels. As the experiment complexity, the accelerator backgrounds and instantaneus luminosity grow, increasingly complex and exclusive event...

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