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D.Germanese, M.D'Acunto, M.Magrini, M.Righi, O.Salvetti:"A low cost technology-based device for breath analysis and self-monitoring".In: SIGNAL 2017-The 2nd Int. Conf. on Adv. in Signal,Image and Video Processing(Barcelona,Spain,21-25May 2016)pp.8-13

Here, we describe the development of a portable device, based on low cost technology, able to collect and analyze in real time the composition of the breath. Despite its great potential, breath analysis is not…
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P.Henriquez,[...], D.Germanese,[...]:"Mirror mirror on the wall... an unobtrusive intelligent multisensory mirror for well-being status self-assessment and visualization", IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. Vol. 19, Issue: 7, July 2017, pp. 1467 - 1481

A person's well-being status is reflected by their face through a combination of facial expressions and physical signs. The SEMEOTICONS project translates the semeiotic code of the human face into measurements and computational descriptors that…
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D.Germanese,[...]:"A low cost,portable device for breath analysis and self-monitoring,the wize sniffer". In: Appl. in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society. APPLEPIES2015. pp.51-57.,A.De Gloria ed.,Lect. Notes in Electr. Eng. vol409

Here we describe the implementation of the first prototype of the Wize Sniffer 1.x (WS 1.x), a low cost, portable electronic device for breath analysis. The device is being developed in the framework of the…