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A. Caiti, E. Ciaramella, P. Conte, G. Cossu, D. Costa, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, D. Scaradozzi, A. Sturniolo: “OptoCOMM: Introducing a New Optical Underwater Wireless Communication Modem”, IEEE UCOMMS16, Lerici, September 2016

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OptoCOMM aims at demonstrating the potential, at physical level, of a communication facility for the SUNRISE platform constituted by an Optical Underwater Wireless Communication (OUWC) module with target performance of 10 Mb/s transmission rate at 10 meters range in shallow medium/high turbidity harbour waters. The module, which is based on blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) units and common photodiodes, is an evolution of the proof-of-principle prototype already proven in laboratory (pool). It will constitute an additional node integrated in the Littoral Ocean Observatory Network (LOON) test-bed of the SUNRISE infrastructures, providing a high speed and short- range communication node, which will complete the capability of acoustic modems already present in the test-bed. Three modules (nodes) will be developed and experimentally demonstrated: one for direct integration with the LOON infrastructures, one, battery powered, to be potentially installed on buoys, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), etc., and one to be installed on the eFolaga Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) of the proponents. The paper describes in detail the development of the modems as well as the first lab experiments, where the core technology has been successfully tested.