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A. Caiti, P. Gjanci, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, C. Petrioli, L. Picari, D. Spaccini: “OptoCOMM and SUNSET to enable large data offloading in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks”, IEEE/MTS OCEANS 16, Monterey, September 2016

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In this paper we present the initial implementation of an integrated optical and acoustic system that can enable large data transfer between mobile and static nodes in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs). The proposed system is based on the OptoCOMM optical modem and on the SUNSET Software Defined Communication Stack (S-SDCS) framework. The OptoCOMM modem allows to overcome the limits of maximum data rate and bandwidth imposed by the use of acoustic communication by providing a data rate of 10Mbps. SUNSET S-SDCS instead has been used to provide networking and fragmentation capabilities to efficiently offload large data in UWSNs. The performance of the proposed approach has been evaluated through in lab experiments where large files with arbitrary sizes have been optically transferred. The results achieved show that our system is able to transfer up to 1.5 GBytes of data in short time.