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T. Fabbri, S. Nardi, L. Isgrò, L. Pallottino, and A. Caiti. Assessing the potential of autonomous multi-agent surveillance in asset protection from underwater threats. In Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Sys

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A Serious Game (SG) system for the assessment of the potential of the multi-vehicle surveillance is presented. The SG system is applied to the problem of protection of strategic assets from underwater asymmetric threats. The SG platform integrates the active sonar performance evaluator able to estimate the real performance on the basis of the environmental conditions. The final goal is to provide new technology tools to realize a Decision Support System (DDS) to support the design phase of a naval unit. The SG system is developed in the framework of the ProDifCon project supported by the Ligurian Cluster on Marine Technologies (DLTM) (Italy)