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A. Ajoudani, J. Lee, A. Rocchi, M. Ferrati, E. Mingo, A. Settimi, D. G. Caldwell, A. Bicchi, N. Tsagarakis: " A Modular Control Framework for Compliant Humanoid COMAN: Application to a Valve Turning Task", 2014 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Hu

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With the purpose of achieving a desired interaction performance for our compliant humanoid robot (COMAN), in this paper we propose a semi-autonomous control framework and evaluate it experimentally in a valve turning setup. The control structure consists of various modules and interfaces to identify the valve, locate the robot in front of it and perform the manipulation. The manipulation module implements four motion primitives (Reaching, Grasping, Rotating and Disengage) and realizes the corresponding desired impedance profile for each phase to accomplish the task. In this direction, to realize a stable and compliant contact between the valve and the robot hands while being able to generate the sufficient rotational torques depending on the valve's friction, the ``Rotating'' module incorporates a novel dual-arm impedance control technique to plan and realize a task-oriented impedance profile. Results of the implementation of the proposed control framework are firstly evaluated in simulation studies using Gazebo. Subsequent experimental results highlight the efficiency of the proposed impedance planning and control in generation of the required interaction forces to accomplish the task.