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Vecchio A., Anastasi G., Coccomini D., Guazzelli S., Lotano S., Zara G. (2020) Labeling of Activity Recognition Datasets: Detection of Misbehaving Users. In: O'Hare G., O'Grady M., O’Donoghue J., Henn P. (eds) Wireless Mobile Communication and Health

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Automatic recognition of user’s activities by means of wearable devices is a key element of many e-health applications, ranging from rehabilitation to monitoring of elderly citizens. Activity recognition methods generally rely on the availability of annotated training sets, where the traces collected using sensors are labelled with the real activity carried out by the user. We propose a method useful to automatically identify misbehaving users, i.e. the users that introduce inaccuracies during the labeling phase. The method is semi-supervised and detects misbehaving users as anomalies with respect to accurate ones. Experimental results show that misbehaving users can be detected with more than 99% accuracy.