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Berti, A., Buongiorno, R., Carloni, G., ... & Colantonio, S. (2023, May). Exploring the potential and challenges of AI in clinical diagnostics and remote assistance of individuals. In Conv Naz CINI sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (ITAL-IA)

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Innovative technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence have the big potential to support new models of care delivery, disease prevention and quality of life promotion. The ultimate goal is a paradigm shift towards more personalized, accessible, effective, and sustainable care and health systems. Nevertheless, despite the advances in the field over the last years, the adoption and deployment of AI technologies remains limited in clinical practice and real-world settings. This paper summarizes the activities that a multidisciplinary research group within the Signals and Images Lab of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy is carrying out for exploring both the potential of AI in health and well- being as well as the challenges to their uptake in real-world settings.

Andrea Berti1,2 , Rossana Buongiorno1,2 , Gianluca Carloni1,2 , Claudia Caudai1 , Giulio Del Corso1 , Danila Germanese1 , Eva Pachetti1,2 , Maria Antonietta Pascali1 and Sara Colantonio1,∗ 1 Institute of Information Science and Technologies, ISTI, National Research Council of Italy, CNR, via G. Moruzzi, 1, Pisa, 56124, Italy 2Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, Via Caruso 16,56122, Pisa, Italy

Keywords: Visual intelligence, Medical imaging, Radiomics, Imaging bio-banks, Assistive technologies, Trustworthy AI

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