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B. Carnevale, F. Falaschi, L. Crocetti, H. Hunjan, S. Bisase, L. Fanucci: "An Implementation of the 802.1AE MAC Security Standard for In-Car Networks" accepted at 2015 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) - Automotive IoT Workshop
The continuous increase in complexity in automotive electronics has led to cars that include up to 80 Electronic Control Units (ECUs). As a consequence, in-car networks are currently up to their limit in terms of data load, flexibility and bandwidth....
L.Fanucci, F.Falaschi, B.Carnevale, L.Crocetti, H.Hunjan, S.Bisase, S.Rosi, M.C.Simone:“Analysis of security risks & threats and the design of a hardware secure module to perform cipher algorithms for automotive applications”,(poster),HiPEAC,Jan 2015
B. Carnevale, F. Falaschi, D. Pacini, G. Dini, L. Fanucci: "A Hardware Accelerator for the IEEE 802.1X‐2010 Key Hierarchy in Automotive Applications", accepted at 12th ACS/IEEE Int. Conf. on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA 2015, Nov 2015
The increasing complexity of automotive networks has led to broad security issues related to human safety. On the other hand, to solve problems of network overload, the automotive world is moving in the direction of using an Ethernet backbone for...
D. Davalle, B.Carnevale, S. Saponara, L. Fanucci, P. Terreni: "A Real-time FPGA-based Solution for Binary Image Thinning", International Conference on Applications in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society (APPLEPIES), May 2014
This paper presents an optimized FPGA implementation of a binary image thinning algorithm. The reference thinning technique is based on iterated comparisons with a set of 48 3 x 3 binary masks. In the proposed architecture, the processing logic and...
D. Davalle, B.Carnevale, S. Saponara, L. Fanucci, P. Terreni: "Hardware Accelerator for Fast Image/Video Thinning", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), Oct. 2014
Image thinning algorithms are widely used in image processing to simplify elaboration preserving geometrical features. Standard approaches are based on iterative methods and on distance transforms. Both techniques are well known to be computationally...

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