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Fulvio Arreghini, Carmine Vitiello, Marco Luise, Andrea Manco, Giacomo Bacci, Matteo Falzarano - An Approach to T&E of Military SDR Platforms and Waveforms: the LANCERS Lab
Software Defined Radio (SDR) is currently one of the main topics of interest in military communications, as well as in civil ones. Since 2002, the Italian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has identified the SDR technology as a strategic capability. In this...
ulvio Arreghini, Roberto Agrone, Paolo Danielli, Alessandro Pigni - Fulvio Arreghini Fulvio Arreghini Heterogeneous network testbed for tactical communication in shore scenario
  In military procurement, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) are becoming more and more common, with growing adoption of technologies derived from commercial standards. COTS are very appealing as they simplify procurement, allowing rapid deployment and...
Mondini L., Sbrana C., Arreghini F. :"Exposure by WLAN in an Indoor Environment" - III Convegno Nazionale Interazioni tra Campi Elettromagnetici e Biosistemi Napoli 2-4 luglio 2014
Investigated topics of this study are: (I) Assessment of the Electric field in a home scenario with particular regard to an infant bedroom (II) verification of the compliance to Italian regulatory limits concerning population exposure to EM fields...
Arreghini, F.; Vitiello, C.; Luise, M.; Manco, A.; Bacci, G.; Falzarano, M.:Test and Evaluation of Military SDR Platforms and Waveforms: Initial Outcomes from the Laboratory Funded by the Italian MoD - STO-IST-123 symposium the Hague 12-13 may 2014
In this paper we present the approach of the Italian Ministry of Defense (MoD) to the test and evaluation (T&E) process of military SDR. Starting from the key principles and choices made by Italy regarding military SDR we discuss the role of Italy in...

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