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G. Ciavarrini, V. Luconi, A. Vecchio: "Smartphone-based geolocation of Internet hosts"
The location of Internet hosts is frequently used in distributed applications and networking services. Examples include customized advertising, distribution of content, and position-based security. Unfortunately the relationship between an IP address...
G. Ciavarrini, V. Luconi, L. Lenzini, A. Vecchio: "Supporting the development of network-aware reactive applications on smartphones." Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST), 2014 Eighth International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.
In the last years, research about context-aware systems has been particularly intense. Nevertheless, most of the proposed approaches and systems failed to flow from research to industry. In this paper we propose ANARC, a library that eases the...
G. Ciavarrini, F. Disperati, L. Lenzini, V. Luconi, A. Vecchio: "Geolocation of Internet hosts using smartphones and crowdsourcing" 8th IFIP IEEE Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC), 2015
Knowing the position of an Internet host enables  location-aware applications and services, such as restric tion of  content based on user’s position or customized advertising . Active  IP geolocation techniques estimate the position of an Inter net ...
G. Ciavarrini, F. Marcelloni, A. Vecchio: "Improving Wi-Fi based localization using external constraints" Next Generation Mobile Apps, Services and Technologies (NGMAST), 2015 Ninth International Conference on. IEEE, 2015.
Wi-Fi based localization enables detection of users’  position in indoor spaces by means of wireless networking  infrastructure. The positive aspects of this solution incl ude the  reuse of already deployed systems and thus its reduced costs . On  the...

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