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S.Gelli, A.Bacci, M.Martorella, F.Berizzi "Extended Space Doppler Adaptive Processing for Bistatic Multichannel ISAR imaging of targets masked by strong clutter" European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (EuSAR), June 2016, Hamburg
SAR systems are unable to obtain well focused images of non-cooperative targets in the scene. Moreover, the spreading effect induced by the uncompensated target motion leads to low detection  capability. For this reason clutter suppression techniques...
A.Bacci, M.Martorella, D.A.Gray, S.Gelli, F.Berizzi: "Virtual Multichannel SAR for Ground Moving Targets Imaging", IET, Radar Sonar Navigation, 2015, RSN-SI-2015-0128.R1
Slow moving ground targets are invisible within SAR images since they appear defocused and their backscattered signal completely overlap the focused ground return. In order for this targets to be detected and refocused the availability of some spatial...
S.Gelli, A.Bacci, M.Martorella, F.Berizzi: "Space-Doppler Processing with adaptive compensation for bistatic multichannel ISAR imaging of non-cooperative targets", European Radar Conference (EuRAD), September 2015, Paris.
Moving targets appear defocused within SAR images and their detection is a challenging especially in the case of targets embedded in strong clutter. Moreover, in bistatic geometries, the clutter echo returns are range dependent. This situation degrades...
S.Gelli, A.Bacci, M.Martorella, F.Berizzi: "A Sub-optimal approach for bistatic joint STAP-ISAR", IEEE International Radar Conference, May 2015, Arlington VA.
Moving targets appear defocused within SAR images and their detection is challenging especially in the case of ground targets that are embedded in strong ground clutter. STAP methods show optimal results in the clutter and interference suppression when...

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